The committee having the matter in charge have just...

Dayton (Ohio) News

The committee having the matter in charge have just accepted a design for the monument to be erected to the memory of Mary Baker Eddy in Mount Auburn cemetery, Cambridge, Mass., where reposes the body of this beloved woman. The cost of the monument is to be about a hundred thousand dollars, and the sum was raised through free-will offerings from persons interested in Christian Science.

There have been few characters in human history who have had more followers than this one woman. There have been none who had more while they were living, nor who gathered about their memories in so short a time such multitudes. There is no other case in history where such a monument has been so easily erected to the memory of any one. When our great mounments—and we have but few of them that can really be called great—have been erected, they have been provided for by governments or only after campaigns in which great publicity was obtained. These monuments have been erected only to people who have accomplished great things in statecraft or war. But here is a hundred thousand dollar monument built with offerings from people who so loved her that they made whatever sacrifice was necessary, absolutely without a general campaign, and apparently with little trouble,—and it is to the memory of a woman who in a simple manner said certain things about religion and about sin and suffering and life and death.

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