The review of a book dealing with the subject of Christian Science,...

The Hartford (Conn.) Post

The review of a book dealing with the subject of Christian Science, recently published in your columns, calls for a few words of comment. It appears that the author is a clergyman, and the book is issued by a publishing house of the Methodist Episcopal church. According to the review, after an attempt to assure the reader that no "hard things against Christian Science" are to be said and the purpose is to allow "all to see it as it is and judge for themselves," the writer says: "What does Christian Science offer us in the place of the learned and skilful surgeon? It offers us the mental surgeon, without knowledge, experience, or instruments." The injustice of such a statement is that it assumes there is no way in which the sick may be healed except the one prescribed by the medical schools. Jesus' teaching with respect to healing the sick is entirely ignored, and also the vast amount of indisputable evidence represented by the unnumbered thousands who, even after having been pronounced incurable by physicians, have been healed in Christian Science by the same spiritual means the Master employed.

Jesus, the greatest healer of disease who ever trod the globe, had no so-called scientific knowledge of the "structure of the body," surgery, or the instruments which our critic endeavors to insist upon as required. If such an education were essential, undoubtedly Jesus would have been so equipped. On the contrary, he eschewed all material means, and relying entirely upon spiritual law, of which he was master, he healed multitudes of "all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." Moreover, he taught his disciples and others to heal as he did, and augmented his teaching with these very definite instructions, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel," "Heal the sick." Now it ill becomes a preacher of the gospel of Christ Jesus who fails, neglects, and refuses to comply with this command to "heal the sick," to find fault with those who are honestly endeavoring so to do, and who show by the healing already accomplished that they (in some degree at least) understand Jesus' teaching; for he declared that the healing work would be the sign which would "follow them that believe;" in other words, understand his teaching.

Inasmuch as authorized Christian Science publications are readily available at public libraries and Christian Science reading-rooms, those who seek reliable information upon this subject cannot be deceived by such publications as the one under consideration.

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