Five years ago I was suffering from a disease of the throat,...

Five years ago I was suffering from a disease of the throat, and there was great fear of its going to my lungs. I was under a very good doctor in the south of England, who did all he could for me, but I got no better ; in fact, I was getting worse, as I had so much fever and a bad cough. The doctor then ordered me to South Africa, saying that was the last service he could render me, and I therefore booked my passage and engaged a deck cabin, to be in the open as much as possible.

Just six weeks before I was to sail, a lady whom I had met once or twice the year before, came to see me. That day I was feeling particularly ill and depressed from the distress in my throat and lungs ; besides, I was trying so hard to keep up for the sake of my dear people. This friend asked me if I had ever heard of Christian Science. Though my ignorance may seem surprising, I had not. I told her that if Christian Science was a new "cure," I did not want to hear about it, as I was sure I had tried everything that the medical profession could do for me, and I meant to die smiling. She then asked if I thought God had sent the disease to me, and I said I supposed so; but it seemed terrible to think that He had, after I had done my best for five years to nurse a dear one suffering from the same illness. I could not understand how a God of love could do such a thing, when I had always tried to obey and worship Him. I shall never forget her next words,—"God did not send it to you." That was enough for me, and I begged her to tell me all about this loving God, for I had been losing my faith, and this grieved me.

Testimony of Healing
As a living witness to the healing power of Truth as...
July 24, 1915

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