The Lectures

Jacob S. Shield, who lectured on Christian Science at the Metropolitan Theater, was introduced by George Livesey, one of the leading attorneys of the city, who said in part:—

It is said by some that the Christian Science church is practising new ideas and promulgating new thoughts, and that it is a comparatively new religion. If it be new, it would seem to be only because it is again practising those precepts and teachings which have been lost or forgotten for the last sixteen or seventeen centuries ; in fact, forgotten so long that when they are now brought into prominence they seem new. Call it new if you will, or say it is old, the fact remains that at this date it is satisfying thousands of persons whose minds for years had been tossing on a religious sea, charted with so many dogmas and creeds that their minds, and bodies too, had been almost wrecked in trying to navigate it.

July 24, 1915

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