The Rev. Mr. —announces his intention to continue his...

The Star-Journal

The Rev. Mr. —announces his intention to continue his attacks on Christian Science all summer. Because his attempts to discredit Christian Science have been corrected, the reverend gentleman apparently has the impression that he must continue his attacks, even to the point of wearying the public with his distorted references to Mrs. Eddy and his perversions of the teaching of Christian Science.

Christian Scientists have no desire to discredit this critic or the religious organization to which he belongs. The object of the answers to his attacks is not to discredit him, or even to offend him, but merely to protect the cause of Christian Science from the effects of his mistaken and perverted views. Contrary to his assertions, Christian Scientists do not attack other denominations, either in lectures or in the Christian Science periodicals. The critic will search in vain throughout the literature of Christian Science for such attacks. To comment upon and make clear the teachings of the Bible is a blessed privilege all Christians have. To interpret these teachings according to the Christian's highest understanding is also a privilege open to all.

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