The Rev. Dr. — in a recent issue continues his attacks...

The Grand Junction (Col.) News

The Rev. Dr. — in a recent issue continues his attacks on Christian Science. From his remarks he is evidently under the impression that ignorance of Christian Science is a qualification to pass judgment on it, a misconception which does no harm to Christian Science but renders misstatements ridiculous to every person who has made the least investigation of this teaching. If this critic will study Christian Science with an eye single to the truth, he will find how far afield his present views are, and thus preclude the necessity for them to be publicly corrected in the press. Christian Science is too well known, has proved its worth in too many battles with sin, sickness, poverty, and other ills of humanity, to be brushed aside by the ipse dixits of a writer who is evidently laboring under the illusion that his bald statements will be accepted unconditionally.

The reverend critic starts his attack by attempting to make it appear that the Christian Science lecturer was wrong in declaring that "religion can heal sickness and destroy sin," to which the lecturer added that the "words of Jesus made it plain," the contention of this writer being that religion had nothing to do with the matter. Evidently he had in mind a system of doctrines, forms, ceremonies, and creeds which we quite agree are totally inadequate to demonstrate the healing power of God as Jesus and his apostles did, and as all believers who understand the life, works, and words of Jesus can do today. His concept is foreign to Christian Science, which teaches that religion is a vital, genuine fellowship with God, which manifests itself in healing the sick, restoring the sinner, and bringing the kingdom of God to men here and now. "Jesus established his church and maintained his mission on a spiritual foundation of Christ-healing. He taught his followers that his religion had a divine Principle, which would cast out error and heal both the sick and the sinning" (Science and Health, p. 136). It is this religion the Christian Science lecturer referred to when he added, "The words of Jesus made it plain" how religion can heal sickness and destroy sin.

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