In a recent issue were several paragraphs speaking of the...

Nevada Democrat

In a recent issue were several paragraphs speaking of the opposition by Christian Scientists to legislation requiring medical examination of school children. In this connection I wish to explain to your readers that Christian Scientists simply feel that it is no more logical to compel school children to submit to a medical examination than it would be to compel every member of the legislature or every candidate for admission to the bar, for instance, to undergo such medical inspection. They consider themselves at least thoroughly competent to look out for the health of their own children, and feel that this responsibility logically belongs with the parents and not with teachers or other public officials. Any one who wishes his own children examined may take them to a physician, but he should not desire to force every one else to do likewise. The whole matter is one for individual decision and not for legislative enactment.

It is interesting and important to note that this opposition to the medical examination of school children in this state, as elsewhere, comes not only from Christian Scientists but from parents and teachers of every denomination. I can assure your readers positively that the Christian Scientists of this state, like those of every other state, have as individuals supported only those measures which they individually have considered right, and opposed only those which they individually have considered wrong. They have never in any way tried to "trade" their support of or opposition to certain measures for any consideration whatever. The matter of supporting or opposing any bill is always one for individual decision. Christian Scientists are not engaged in making "trades" to compass any legislative result.

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