The Calendar of Mind

The Scriptures imply that Truth is God and lives forever. Thus the duration of Truth can never be measured and all of its ideas must have a like existence. Life also is of endless duration; its continuity is dependent upon neither matter nor time. To suppose, then, that a certain number of the earth's revolutions measure life or register its beginning and ending, is as irrational a mistake as to suppose that the multiplication of numbers could in any way exhaust the basic law of mathematics. In Christian Science the continuity of being has nothing to do with solar days or years, nor do mortal calculations of time affect the substance of life, or cause it to pass through different stages, periods, or forms of material development.

Real life is a state of conscious harmony. Do harmony, love, goodness, honesty, and other attributes of Mind which man reflects, wear out because of age or time, and are their manifestations and activities registered by the stars in their orbits? No; and neither does the life of which these mental qualities are the essence deteriorate or cease according to solar revolutions. In Science, Life's ideas remain undisturbed by "the clanging bells of time," and all the material ages put together can date neither a beginning nor an ending of man's true being. In the immortal years of God's child there is neither age nor youth, neither time nor circumstance to be recorded, for life is found to be the endless duration of Truth, the continuity of its activity.

Song of Truth
May 23, 1914

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