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[Rev. R. J. Campbell, M.A., in The Christian Commonwealth]

To my perceptions it is perfect goodness, and that alone, which can transcend all limitations and overcome all antagonisms; in fact, the very thought of limitations and antagonisms implies imperfection, it is part of the very nature of evil, it is what evil is. So when Jesus rose from the tomb in which his murderers had laid him, he but revealed in power a truth which belongs to the very essence of the life divine,—namely, that all gates fly open and all barriers fall down before a love which knows neither lack nor limit. It is not possible for such an invincible fact to be holden of death in any form; it dies to self only to live to all; it gives itself away only to find itself more fully; it lays itself down in absolute surrender only to rise again in limitless power and glory.

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May 23, 1914

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