Christian Science was brought to my attention nearly...

Christian Science was brought to my attention nearly twenty years ago, and I was the first man to accept it in the city in which I then resided. I purchased my first copy of Science and Health when it was published in two volumes and before it came into use as a text-book to any extent in Illinois, except possibly here in Chicago. The weekly meetings were held in a private residence, and I was the only man present. I recall that some of my friends sought to ridicule me for identifying myself with a movement which was confined almost exclusively to women at that time; but this did not deter me in the least, for whenever I met with these faithful pioneers in the Christian Science movement, less than a dozen in number, I realized that I was in good company.

I pursued the subject far enough to convince me that Christian Science is true, and I made some progress in the healing; but I was absorbed in the exacting duties connected with the publication of a daily newspaper, and thought I could not spare the time that it was necessary to give to Christian Science. So, through neglect, I soon drifted back to the starting-point, and continued in the backward course, getting farther and farther away from this healing truth.

Testimony of Healing
As I look back over the last three years and see the steady...
May 23, 1914

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