Divine Intelligence Ever Available

The following incident is one of many that have come to me during the six years of my study of Christian Science, and illustrates the difference in results between wrong methods and right. During these years I have been blessed with many physical healings and the overcoming of various forms of fear both for myself and for my children, so that my gratitude to God for Christian Science is unbounded. My first healing from lung trouble was a revelation to me, and remains a source of daily thankfulness. The following incident, however, rather than one of physical healing, is given as my first grateful testimony to the operation of divine Truth, because it is to a certain extent different from many others, while it furnishes specific points of proof of this operation in human consciousness.

I was recently under the necessity of taking a teachers' examination in subjects which I had neither studied nor had occasion to use for more than fifteen years. The time for review of the subjects was brief, and many family duties seemed to absorb what time might otherwise have been available for the purpose. Several physical ailments manifested themselves during this time of hurried preparation, until on the day before the examination a practitioner's help was necessary. On the morning of the appointed day these ills were not entirely overcome, though the help was apparent, and no sense of discouragement or fear of failure had entered my thought; rather was I conscious of perfect mental clarity and confidence.

April 18, 1914

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