The article in The Post Express entitled "Prayers for...

The Post Express

The article in The Post Express entitled "Prayers for Peace," has all the virtue of "orthodoxy;" still, we must not forget that the heresy of yesterday is the orthodoxy of today, and the orthodoxy of today becomes the absurdity of tomorrow, hence "orthodoxy" is not above criticism.

One would gather from the article referred to that in some way this war is part of the eternal plan. It reads, "We may properly ask that God will bring this conflict to an end as soon as peace may forward the eternal purpose." If there is any eternal plan and purpose in this war, surely God will know when that purpose has been attained, without our prayers or advice; and surely we do not wish Him to set aside His plan for ours. Furthermore, if this war is God's plan, why should we mortals try to thwart Him by our efforts for peace? If war is not God's plan, why seek to fasten the responsibility of our mortal transgressions upon the Deity and charge Him with something the very opposite to His nature?

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