If our friend whose letter appeared in a recent issue will...

Brooklyn (N. Y.) Eagle

If our friend whose letter appeared in a recent issue will take time to consider the matter, he will, I am quite sure, admit that Jesus of Nazareth proved by his works that the application of the divine Principle of his teachings would solve every human problem, whether social or religious, political or economical. In other words, Jesus gave the remedy for every ill, not for his own time only, but for the centuries that should follow.

In those days, as in ours, unselfish hearts, individually and collectively, were doubtless endeavoring by various means to lessen the burdens of mankind. That every unselfish effort to help others should have the moral support of all right-thinking people, Christian Scientists do not question; but our critic should bear in mind that only by working in the way that Jesus worked will all error be effectively and permanently overcome. "No man cometh unto the Father, but by me," said Jesus. In other words, no man can arrive at a demonstrable understanding of divine Principle, God, the source of all real being, except by following Jesus in precept and practice.

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