Nothing is more clearly taught by Christ Jesus than that a knowledge of God embraces and sums up one's promise and possession of eternal life: that the true consciousness is a God-consciousness; and this fact gives the greatest possible weight to the question whether our acquaintance with Him whom the Master taught us to think of as "the Father" is steadily increasing. Christ Jesus defined his sense of life when he said, "I and' my Father are one," and his mission was to awaken in all men this realization of what constitutes man's being. He entered into the "holy of holies," and in his declarations, "I am the way," "No man knoweth ... the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him," he disclosed the true nature of his high priesthood, the practical purpose and end of the incarnation.

As thus apprehended in Christian Science, this teaching comes as a great comfort to the hearts of those to whom God has seemed to be far removed and intangible, whose thought of God is indefinite and unsatisfying, if it is not incongrucus and discreditable. The wisdom and power and purity, the beauty and goodness and compassion, of the "Son of God," make instant appeal to all. We can reverence and admire, understand and love him, feel sure that we know and would trust him; and to think that we are indeed knowing and loving God in the measure of the outgoing of our hearts toward this our brother, is to be blessed by an angel visitant, the coming of a new and gladdening sense that we have begun to live forever. We have taken the Wayshower's hand, and he is leading us into the divine presence.

August 16, 1913

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