The few times that I have given my testimony at a...

The few times that I have given my testimony at a Christian Science meeting I have found that it met the need of some seeker, even though it fell short of what I wished to express. I therefore send out this little message, hoping that it may be read by some one who needs it.

For nearly twelve years we have had the blessings of Christian Science in our home. The sickness of our eldest child was the immediate cause of my taking up the study, although I had previously looked into it from a religious standpoint. I had been hungering for spiritual food since my early girlhood, and had taken much interest in many philosophies and religious, especially the different sects of the Christian religion. I finally landed in the Unitarian faith, this being the one to which I felt I could honestly adhere. I rested there, trusting that in the great beyond I should find the light. Having had some talk on Christian Science with a friend, and after having tried to understand the text-book, I noticed one Sunday in the morning paper that the subject of the sermon at the Christian Science church was "Truth, I went to hear what the Scientists knew about Truth, and what impressed me most about the service was the impersonal nature of the sermon, which appealed to me very strongly.

Testimony of Healing
For the many blessings received during the last eight...
August 16, 1913

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