Several years ago I had an experience which proved the power of Truth's "still small voice" to overcome error. I was very deeply impressed with a sentence in our Leader's letter to the board of lectureship, which appeared in the Sentinel of March 15, 1900. It was this: "When error strives to be heard above truth, let the 'still small voice' produce God's phenomena." That statement had taken a strong hold upon me, and I was very soon called upon to put its requirement into practise.

I had occasion to visit the office of a large concern in one of our principal cities, to obtain some information which it was perfectly proper that I should have, and while one of the clerks was giving it to me the head of the office came up and, without any provocation, stopped the proceedings, and in a very disagreeable and uncalled-for manner refused to let me have the desired information. Knowing that it was perfectly legitimate that I should have what I had asked for, my first thought was to resent the treatment accorded me, but instantly our Leader's words came to me, and I decided to "let the 'still small voice' produce God's phenomena." Without saying a word, I thought, Divine Love is omnipresent, and is here. Immediately the man turned around, smiled, and apologized for his manner, then invited me into his private office, saying that he not only would comply with my request, but thought he had some additional information which would be helpful.

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