For the many blessings received during the last eight...

For the many blessings received during the last eight years that I have been studying Christian Science, I wish to express my gratitude to God for having been so lovingly helped "on the way." I became interested in it through the healing of a young violinist of what was termed "player's paralysis," which kept him from playing for two years. Christian Science was brought to the notice of his family and treatment was started. Two months later the young man was able to go back to his music perfectly healed. This demonstration led me to think, and I began to study the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I soon found out what was meant by Jesus' words, "The truth shall make you free." It was the truth which made this young man free, and with my little understanding of it I was able to make my first demonstration. My mother rose one morning with a very bad headache and dizziness, for which she was about to go to bed; but as it was unusual for her to be ill it caused no little anxiety. I thought this would be a splendid chance to prove Christian Science, so I started to work the best I knew how, and to our great surprise she was instantaneously healed.

I have been healed of many physical ills, and would like to tell of one of them, which was a most painful felon on my thumb. I tried to overcome the attack of error myself, but the suffering was too intense. It went on for a night and a day, when I decided to call up a practitioner. I did not know what the trouble was at the time, and could only telephone the practitioner that I had a most painful and very much swollen thumb. Half an hour after calling for help the pain stopped suddenly. It was like awaking out of a dream. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for this quick relief. At that time there were two men in the office who had suffered from the same ailment. Their thumbs had big scars where the bone had been scraped, and one had the last joint taken off entirely. Both had suffered for days and were unable to sleep, besides going through painful operations. What a contrast between the treatment in the old way and in the Christian Science way! I lost only one night's rest and my thumb nail, which soon grew on again, and only a few hours from my work.

Testimony of Healing
At least twenty-five years ago Christian Science was very...
August 16, 1913

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