Before relating the following experience, I would like to...

Before relating the following experience, I would like to quote from page 390 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy: "When the first symptoms of disease appear, dispute the testimony of the material senses with divine Science. Let your higher sense of justice destroy the false process of mortal opinions which you name law, and then you will not be confined to a sick-room nor laid upon a bed of suffering in payment of the last farthing, the last penalty demanded by error."

Late one afternoon I was suddenly taken ill, having all the symptoms of a severe attack of lung trouble, these symptoms being similar in every respect to those of a like attack a few years previous, before I became interested in Christian Science, at which time, under materia medica, I was confined to bed three weeks, was in the house six weeks, and coughed for three months. This time, being alone in the house, I telephoned for a friend, a Christian Scientist, to come and spend the night with me. It was two hours before she came, but from the first feeling of illness I began to read our text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and to apply the understanding of God which it gave me. When she arrived, I remained up for some time, talking of the things of God, and although the symptoms seemed not to abate in the least, I had risen in thought sufficiently to feel fear disappearing, and when my friend offered to sit up in order to be near me, I fearlessly refused. During the early part of the night my rest was much disturbed and my temperature was high, but in the intervals between naps I kept on working to realize the allness of God.

Testimony of Healing
As the past year has advanced I have looked back and...
August 16, 1913

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