At least twenty-five years ago Christian Science was very...

At least twenty-five years ago Christian Science was very lovingly talked to me by one who knew, one who had been healed from long invalidism. It would seem as if this were slow progress to have advanced no farther than can be seen by my failures; but what a blessed journey it has been to look back upon! Ten years I sought the truth, but the last fifteen have brought constant growth in the understanding of the Love that heals. Many demonstrations have been made for me by others, but I can see that in the last five years I am surely learning to work out my own salvation, to see how by earnest effort I can realize joyousness, health, unselfishness, confidence, and courage for myself, and how I can give these same treasures, the truths of being, to others.

The happiest thing to record is the lifting of the burden of fear which I had placed upon my only child. So long as this fear clutched at my heart when the hoarse cough sounded in the night, these colds continued to come frequently; but even then, the mental work having been done, the child never seemed for a moment conscious of discomfort, and this showed me where the remedy should be sought. I worked as never before to eliminate my fear, and by repeating the word of Truth until the realization became clear, the ailment departed. It is now two years during which he has been entirely free. Severe attacks of stomach trouble, temper, fevers, etc., have also been healed immediately. When he was born there seemed to be such a storm of criticism and hatred aroused in my circle of friends, as the result of opposition to Science, that the conditions appeared difficult to meet; but the work done for me held my family loyal to my wishes in my hour of need, though they were sure I was dying. I was thus prevented from being overwhelmed by doctors and nurses and so left free to turn to God alone; therefore the outcome was triumphant. Love protected mother and babe as we tried to follow in the path made plain nineteen hundred years ago. How thankful I am that nothing can turn one back who really starts on this glorious way; no seeming failures or tragedies of life can prevent our going forward. No matter how delayed our demonstrations, we must advance if we are truthfully doing our work and constantly keeping at it.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I was a student of the Bible and an...
August 16, 1913

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