I have read with considerable interest the report of the...

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I have read with considerable interest the report of the address on Christian Science delivered by a clergyman and published in your paper. I recognize and greatly appreciate the honest criticism of the preacher, and it is because I feel that some explanation will be welcomed, not only by him, but by many others, that I venture to refer to some of his statements. I would not care to say how many commentaries on the Bible have been published from time to time, and if it is not considered presumptuous of students of what might be called denominational theology to publish commentaries, it is surely not presumptuous of Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, to publish what has frequently been well described as the Christian Scientists' commentary on the Bible, namely, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." The various commentaries published have all endeavored to explain the meaning of the Scriptures, and in Science and Health Mrs. Eddy has not only explained, but proved, the teaching of Christ Jesus and his disciples to be as scientific and practical today as when the truth of his statements was demonstrated by the healing of the sick, the destruction of sin, the feeding of the multitude, and the raising of the dead some two thousand years ago.

Now the critic has evidently been confronted with the difficulty with which so many are faced who have not yet studied the subject of Christian Science sufficiently to enable them to prove the truth of its teaching. I refer to the great difference, pointed out by Mrs. Eddy from cover to cover in Science and Health, between man made in the image and likeness of God, that is the real man, and man who according to human experience is subject to both good and evil, sin or sickness, or both. The success of the Christian Scientist depends upon his spiritual discernment of the true nature of God, and therefore of man. In other words, Christian Science teaches that the signs which Jesus declared so emphatically must follow a correct understanding of his teachings, will only be possible to the extent that the student recognizes his sonship with God, or understands that, as St. John puts it, "now are we the sons of God;" therefore that the real man is as incapable of sin or sickness, discord or error, as is God Himself. May I be allowed to make my meaning perhaps still clearer by saying that Christian Science declares that God is the "great First Cause" or creator; Spirit; infinite good, and that His creation, as stated in the Bible, must inevitably be likewise spiritual and perfect. Always adhering to the fact that there could not be more then one infinite cause or creator, it follows logically that there can be in reality no effect except from the one perfect creator; hence any seeming evil effect must be a misconception of truth, or that which has no truth in it, and therefore is unreal. As, however, a mistake can only be corrected to the extent that the truth about it is recognized, as is so evident from the teaching of Jesus, the belief in sin, sickness, and all discord can be destroyed only to the extent that the true nature of God and man is understood; and thanks to the discovery made by Mrs. Eddy, Christian Scientists are, to some extent at any rate, able today to free themselves and others from the bondage of physical troubles, as well as from sin.

August 16, 1913

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