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The wonderful blessings which my family and myself have...

The wonderful blessings which my family and myself have experienced during the last years impel me to give this testimony. I am filled with gratitude and give praise to our all-loving Father for my healing, both of mind and body. Nine years ago I was declared by several physicians to be suffering with a severe abdominal complaint. I was under medical care continually, and the mental suffering which I endured is indescribable. I became pessimistic, for fear was my constant companion, and the worry about my health increased with every year. I had been brought up in a religious way by my parents, and felt very unhappy in my old belief that God, the supposed sender of joy and suffering, should not be willing to restore me to health. A specialist being recommended to my husband about five years ago, we consulted him, but he shared the opinion of the other physicians and said that I was very ill. For a whole year I had to submit twice a week to a very painful treatment, which made me feel more miserable and almost incapacitated me for any kind of work. We again consulted our family physician, who declared that the hope of my recovery had now dwindled into nothing, as my system had been too seriously affected by the previous course of treatment.

It was in this hopeless condition that I came to Christian Science, doubting greatly whether my life could be spared so that I might care for my husband and our three children. My sister and a dear relative who had been in Science for quite a while both had to use great patience with me in my struggle, and I am greatly indebted to the kind practitioner under whose loving care I stayed and who worked persistently in the endeavor to help me to attain my freedom. I cannot count myself among those whose healing was quick, but this very fact proved to be a blessing in my case. Our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, says in Science and Health, "Emerge gently form matter into Spirit," and in Isaiah we read, "Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption." This I may say of myself with thoughts of gratitude and praise: I have been in Christian Science for two years and a half, and am now a perfectly well woman. My stomach, which could only retain light food, is in good condition, for I know that "not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man." Furthermore, Christian Science is conducive in my case to most refreshing sleep, which I had lacked for many years, and I am able to attend to my household duties with great pleasure. Fear and doubt, which would always get hold of me, had to yield, and were replaced by a sense of trust and faith in God. As for my children, who have gained a measure of understanding of Christian Science and appreciate it, I have had the privilege of helping them more than once, which has greatly added to my joy.

Testimony of Healing
It is more than four years since I began the study of...
March 29, 1913

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