Through the ccaseless efforts of a kind friend, who...

Through the ccaseless efforts of a kind friend, who labored for years without reward and without hope of reward, trying to help me grasp Christian Science, I gradually learned to understand the power of divine Truth. Instead of a nail on the third finger of my right hand, I had a horny growth, on which now and then a shell resembling a nail would form part way up. An intense aching and itching would then set in, and this nail, or outside shell, would loosen and drop off.

Last summer I had a demonstration of Truth's power—my first—which rather startled me on account of its suddenness, and made me think that it might also be possible to overcome the growth mentioned above. For about a week I applied the Truth-cure daily, and then dropped the subject and thought no more about it. Some two or three weeks later I was surprised to see that a new nail, a real nail, had started to grow from the root, and the dividing line between the old and the new was as clearly defined as though a line had been drawn. The old nail was a horny excrescence, the new nail was smooth and of a pinkish hue. It took three months from the time if formed in the root until it had grown to the top.

Testimony of Healing
It has long been my desire to express the gratitude for...
March 29, 1913

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