Two years ago, while reading the Lesson-Sermon before...

Two years ago, while reading the Lesson-Sermon before retiring for the night, my daughter, who lived in the same house, came down to speak with me and said there was a peculiar odor in the house, as though gas were escaping from the heater. I smelled nothing, but as the stove was giving more heat than I cared for, I closed the dampers and retired. When the alarm clock rang at five a.m. Sunday, I tried to turn off the switch, but had been so overcome with gas from the stove that in doing so I fell out of bed and lay on the floor. Somewhat later my dog, which I keep in the kitchen overnight, kept up a continual barking. I heard him, but it seemed as though I could not wake up. I finally realized my condition, held to the truth that God is our Life, and managed to crawl from one room to another and open doors and windows. Then I dressed myself and succeeded in getting up-stairs to my daughter's door.

Here I collapsed, and a neighbor and she managed to get me inside and on a chair. They found me stiff and cold, and put me to bed, while I was declaring the truth continually. My husband, who worked nights at the time, came home about eight o'clock, and on learning from my daughter of the conditions, was much distressed; but I told him to be thankful that God had wakened me from a bad dream and that I was able to eat breakfast with him. After breakfast, we read the Lesson-Sermon, and in the evening I attended service at Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, of which I am a member, all ill effects from the gas having passed away.

March 29, 1913

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