It is more than four years since I began the study of...

It is more than four years since I began the study of Christian Science, and I now wish to tell of some of the wonderful blessings I have received during that time. About the beginning of my study I gave birth to a little daughter. My mother, who is Scientist, was with me at the time, and advised me very kindly and wisely about getting up. She said I could get up whenever I felt able, but cautioned me not to do so from a desire to "show off," which, I am sorry to say, was exactly what I did. This occasioned a very distressing condition, for which I first applied material means, though they failed. I then wrote my mother for help, and she advised me to employ a Christian Science practitioner, as she herself had not understanding enough at the time to treat me. Three practitioners treated me in the course of three years before I was completely healed. I have learned, however, that had I but cleansed my own thoughts more thoroughly at first, the healing would have come a great deal sooner, and one practitioner would undoubtedly have done all that was needed. Instead of blaming the practitioner, we should first know ourselves,—search thoroughly for the error which is sure to be lurking about us; then cast it out and rise above it.

I am thankful to God, and very grateful of Mrs. Eddy for this wonderful truth. Each day I am studying to learn more of this Science of Life which is ours. I am also grateful for the harmony which exists in our home since I have learned more of Christian Science, as many ills, such as colds, throat trouble, headache, and other ailments, have been overcome for myself as well as my children. I send these lines with a sincere wish that they may benefit some suffering mortal; and God speed that day when we shall fully realize our freedom from the asserted laws of sin, disease, and death!—Mrs. Julia Mulks, Riceville, Iowa.

Testimony of Healing
It is with thankfulness to God that I testify to the many...
March 29, 1913

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