Readers of a recent issue of the Telegraph were made...

Colorado Springs (Col.) Telegraph

Readers of a recent issue of the Telegraph were made aware that an Episcopalian minister of Denver had again shown his dislike for Christian Science by denouncing it from his pulpit. For a number of years this gentleman has attracted considerable notoriety by his periodical outbursts against this religion. Meanwhile Christian Science, as given to the world by Mrs. Eddy, pursues the even tenor of its way, leavening and uplifting the thought of humanity, and bringing the healing power of Christ to the sick, the sorrowful, the wretched, and the poverty-stricken. The denunciations of this critic do not appear to have seriously impeded its progress. A world-wide movement, as Christian Science is, can be adequately judged only by a broad and clear vision. To condemn it for dogmatic or sectarian reasons will avail nothing. It will be remembered that the heads of the ecclesiastical system of Judea failed utterly to understand Jesus or to gain any true concept of his mission. They deemed that his teachings disturbed their supremacy, and this was sufficient to insure his condemnation. While Christian Scientist may be temporarily annoyed by the accusations of this critic, they are well aware that the healing work of Christian Science goes on just the same, and its steady progress is no more impeded than is the mighty Mississippi by a whirling chip in a swirl along the shore.

A few months ago a pamphlet was circulated from this critic's church, announcing that Christian Science was on the wane, and that the Christian Scientists of Denver were unable to go on with the building of one of their churches. Today the church is occupied by a large congregation and its edifice will be completed within a reasonable period. Recently the New York Morning Telegraph, commenting on the lack of attendance at orthodox churches, said: "Christian Scientists of this city make no such complaint; there is hardly room enough in some of their churches to accommodate the crowds who wish to attend the week-night meetings and Sunday services." This comment hardly bears out our critic's recent pronunciamento that Christian Science is on the wane.

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