There is no religion on earth that is governed less by...

Bradford (Eng.) Telegraph

There is no religion on earth that is governed less by "belief" than is Christian Science. Very early in their study of the Principle and rule of this Science students discover that they must discard their old beliefs about God, man, and the universe, and substitute for them the facts of being. Christian Science insists that revelation must coordinate with reason, and reason with revelation, or one or both remain unsubstantiated. As a matter of fact, Christian Science accepts nothing that is not demonstrable.

Certainly Christian Science is a religion of faith, but not the faith that comes through blind belief. It is the faith that is based on the understanding of truth. A man's faith may be quite unimpeachable in twice three being seven, because he has been so taught, and he may conceivably refuse to believe you when you assure him that the product is six, not seven. This blind belief, however tenaciously held, amounts to nothing. Holding such a belief merely incapacitates him from working out a single problem in the science of numbers. The man who is aware that twice three is six has faith in this fact because he has proved its accuracy through demonstration, and his faith may now be said to be perfect, and in full working order, because founded on understanding.

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