During the past twenty years there has been a growing demand upon the part of certain physicians in an organized way, for the enlargement of the activities of their profession and the reestablishment of the waning prestige of their system through compulsory legislation. Perhaps this is not exactly the way in which they would state their case, but when we find so many medical societies giving their time to the discussion of how the average income of their members may be enhanced, and to such determined efforts as have been seen in the past few years to procure legislation which would add thousands and tens of thousands of physicians to the public pay-roll, and make criminal the practise of every system of healing but their own, there is no other conclusion to be drawn.

That which seems to help the physicians in their efforts to secure such legislation as they demand, is the practically universal belief of mortals that disease cannot be cured except through material means, and that when material means fail, disease is incurable. The strangest thing about this belief is that it exists notwithstanding the works of Christ Jesus, which proved beyond doubt that it is untrue, for we read that through the power of God, the Father that "doeth the works," he healed "all manner of disease," and there are several specific instances of the healing of so-called "incurables." It ignores, too, the continuance of these works in the practise of Christian Science, the unnumbered thousands of cases of healing, through spiritual means alone, which have taken place in the past forty years. On the strength of this general attitude of thought, however, medical bodies have become more outspoken in their claims to be regarded as arbiters in all matters relative to public health. One physician, speaking in a representative capacity, has said: "The public must be educated to take our advice in medico-political matters as they do our pills and powders, without knowing of their contents or effects, but with an abiding faith in their potency."

July 6, 1912

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