About seven years ago, I was stricken with the then...

About seven years ago, I was stricken with the then prevalent disease known to materia medica as appendicitis, of which I had three distinct attacks. With the aid of our well-meaning family physician, I managed, somehow, to pull through the first two attacks without the prescribed operation, but the third attack came about two months after I was freed from the second, and was the most serious. When the physician saw my condition, immediate removal to the hospital was ordered, which was to be followed by an operation to relieve me of the offending appendix, and all food was denied me except a tablespoonful of liquid every hour.

I recall, as though it were yesterday, the whispered conversations, the tear-dimmed eyes, the silent, strained movements, and the atmosphere of gloom which pervaded our otherwise happy home. After the doctor had gone, my mother remembered that she had heard of the healing of disease without the use of drugs, and she asked me whether I wished to try this method before having the operation performed. I replied that I knew I was going to die anyway, but I preferred going into the great beyond without having part of myself cut away, and so a Christian Science practitioner was called.

Testimony of Healing
In the spring of 1910, my left eye, which had been left...
July 6, 1912

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