I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...

I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me. I became interested in it over three years ago, through the healing of my wife of rheumatism, for which healing I am greatly thankful. I have received many blessings since taking up Science. I was healed of a severe attack of illness through the understanding which my wife and myself had. The illness was overcome in one day.

I was also healed of a dislocated knee. I was injured about six o'clock in the morning, but with the understanding of the truth which I had, and its application at once, I was able to work all day, without any help. That night I was taken home in a buggy, for by that time the knee had become stiffened and I was unable to straighten it or to bear any weight on the foot. When I got home I had my wife send for a Christian Science practitioner, who came about eight o'clock and gave me a treatment. Some time that night I awoke and found that the knee was straight. I was so surprised that I got up to see if I could put my weight on my foot, and to my great joy I could not only put my weight on it but could walk and not limp much. By morning my knee was much better, and on the third day I was able to undertake much harder physical work than I had done in over a year, and felt no inconvenience whatever. About a month later I was taken down with fever, and again this blessed truth was the only resource I depended upon. With help from my wife and by reading Science and Health I was again relieved of suffering, and in three days I was back to work.

Testimony of Healing
As a result of an operation, severe inflammation of the...
July 6, 1912

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