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Although I had heard of Christian Science for quite a...

Although I had heard of Christian Science for quite a while, I did not investigate its teachings until the spring of 1911, when I had a severe attack of coughing and looked bad. My parents and friends urged me to go to a physician, and I did. He made an examination and stated that the lungs and throat were affected, and that there was a pronounced anemic condition. He also prescribed remedies and told me to come again after a while; but instead of following his advice I applied to a local Christian Science practitioner, who took up treatment. After three weeks had elapsed I called at the physician's office, and he now stated that to his great astonishment the affection of the lungs and throat had disappeared, while the bloodless condition had greatly improved. The blessings of Christian Science were also evident to us in the case of my eight-year-old brother. He had a severe attack of fever in the winter of 1911, and was confined to his bed. We immediately applied to the practitioner, who took up treatment for him, with the result that the fever abated at once, and the boy was able to attend school again after five days. My brother had also suffered for four years with frequently recurring attacks of fever after going to sleep, it often being difficult to bring him back to consciousness. As these attacks kept growing more severe, we sought help in Christian Science. Following this the attacks became less frequent, and have not returned for quite a while. For all these blessings we are deeply grateful to God, also to our Leader, Mrs. Eddy.

Karl Glade, Bern, Switzerland.

Testimony of Healing
I feel it a privilege to tell what benefits myself and my...
July 6, 1912

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