Appreciating the kindly reference to Christian Science in...

Table Talk

Appreciating the kindly reference to Christian Science in a recent issue of Table Talk, and in no sense depreciating the work and efforts of those who are seeking in metaphysics surcease for themselves and others from the abounding ills arising from the belief of life, power, and intelligence in matter, but who have not arrived at the full acceptance of the divine Mind as the only real power, may the writer crave space in your columns for brief discrimination between the healing of Christian Science and "mental suggestion"?

Christian Science, which may be conveniently defined here as the spiritual understanding or scientific knowledge of God in His relationship to the universe, including man, has its foundation in the demonstration of the omnipotence of God, good. It ascribes all power to the divine Mind, and recognizes no belief in the actuality of any power of evil. On the allness of this divine power Jesus Christ based the commission to his disciples when he sent them forth to teach all nations obedience to his commands, specific among which is the combined injunction, more than once given, to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick, an injunction which has never been abrogated, although for fifteen centuries these have been divorced in practise by the Christian church.

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