Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the...

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the blessings which my family and I have received through Christian Science. From the time I was married I began to fail in health, and after children were born, and the worry I had with them through sickness, I became a nervous wreck. When my oldest boy was four years old he began to fail. The doctor had said that the child had acute lung trouble, but he kept on being sick for two years, getting worse all the time. Then one morning the minister of our church came to see me. He stayed only a few minutes, but said that he had stopped to tell me that I must not think I would raise this boy; that he had often watched the child, and noticed that the ailment was with the lungs and that this was something which could not be cured. He also said I should not think wrong about it, and that it was his duty to prepare us for what would happen. After he left I was in despair. I cried the rest of the day and could not endure the thought of parting from the child. I wondered why God should punish us that way, for I did try to lead a Christian life. The child still kept on having a terrible cough and for two years he did not seem to get better or worse. We tried everything that we heard of in medicine, and I felt sorry many times that we had to force the medicine on the child, for he often cried and did not want to take it.

In the fall of 1907 I started to send the boy to school, as he was then eight years old, but he got so low he only went for one week, even his eyes being affected, and one morning he had a hemorrhage. After I told the doctor, he said that the child could never get well. In February, 1908, there was a notice of a lecture on Christian Science and my husband asked his brother to go and see what it was, as he himself could not leave. His brother went, and brought home a copy of the Sentinel, and while reading it I felt such an uplifting of faith. I believed every word that was in the Sentinel, and my desire was to know more about Christian Science. I sent to Boston for two copies of Science and Health, not knowing that I could get them right here, and after receiving the book I read it all the spare time I could find. I could hardly keep away from it, and while reading it I felt a great change come over me. I was like one new born. I was surprised at myself, and then I said I would never go to any other church than the Christian Science church. The next thing to do was to look for a practitioner, as I wanted help for my boy, also for my second child who had some skin disease. We had tried everything for it, but nothing seemed to help, so my husband found out where the Christian Science reading-room was, and he inquired for a practitioner. The lady in charge handed him a Journal and said that we could find the addresses there; so he looked, and then went to see the practitioner that lived the closest to us. In less than two weeks the child with the skin disease was healed! It had vanished, and has never returned since. The older boy also was helped wonderfully. It is a joy to see him now, and no one but myself and the child know what torture we were in those four years. I do not like to think of that time, but we can truly say that we were brought out of bondage into the land of freedom.

Testimony of Healing
In May, 1908, I had to take a week's vacation, as I...
March 23, 1912

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