I write to tell of a wonderful demonstration,—the healing...

I write to tell of a wonderful demonstration,—the healing of my nephew, a lad of seven years. It occurred in May, 1899. The child's father was superintendent of a boys' industrial school, their home being at Eldora, Ia. The child came home from school one evening, sick with an eruptive fever. He was immediately quarantined with a good nurse, and seemed to get along very well for the first few days, but one morning the nurse reported that he had taken cold and was very ill. A physician who was called pronounced the case very serious, and said that both lungs were implicated. The father and mother stayed with him all that day, and the doctor was there a number of times, but by evening it seemed that the little fellow could not live. I went in at that time to care for him, and never left him for three weeks. How we tortured the little lad by giving him medicines, applying poultices, etc., until we finally felt we would have to give him up. Early one Thursday morning the doctor said I had better call the parents—that the little one was passing away; but he rallied again, though the doctor said he had done all that could be done and that the child must die.

We then asked the father if he objected to our sending for a Christian Science practitioner. We had become somewhat interested in Science previous to this, but knew very little about it, and did not personally know of any practitioner. We, however, consulted The Christian Science Journal, and decided to send for a lady who was First Reader in the Des Moines church, and she came on Friday morning. In the mean time we again consulted with the doctor, but he said nothing more could be done. We then told him that we had sent for a Christian Scientist, and that she would now take the case. The practitioner began treatment at seven o'clock that morning, and by noon the child was better and took a little nourishment. The following Tuesday he was dressed and taken out driving. It was some weeks before he was strong, but from the time the practitioner came he began to improve, and continued to do so until he was entirely healed. This was more than six years ago, and two or three times within this period he has been threatened with a return of the same trouble, but each time it has been quickly met by Christian Science in a few hours. He knows what healed him, and has never taken any medicine since that time, and today he is a strong healthy boy.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came into my life bringing the blessings...
March 23, 1912

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