In July, 1905, I came into Christian Science for physical...

In July, 1905, I came into Christian Science for physical healing. At that time I was laboring under a disease which no drug could reach. As it seemed necessary, I took up my own case, and for a time I gained rapidly; then I seemingly dropped back. I then asked for help, which was given with good results. The old thought seemed to keep me in bondage, but I knew that the truth could make me well. There were times when I locked my door, so no one could enter, while I fought against a sense of illness from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. After the demonstration of Truth's power I was dressed and on the street in twenty minutes. It was nearly three years after this when the power of infinite Mind was revealed to me. Then I was on the rock! I saw that Love would do the work, as there is no sin, sickness, or death in the one Mind, for God is eternal Life. Neither was I an idler along the wayside. In helping myself I endeavored to help others, and was encouraged with good results.

I want to state that I am very happy. Not that I have plenty of this world's goods or friends. Those whom I loved and who loved me have passed on, before knowing the truth as given in the Christian Science text-book. Night after night I spent in weeping, longing for that change called death; but the understanding of Truth blots out the word death emphatically. Oh, what a friend we have in Truth! Never a scoff or a frown! Divine Love hovers over all. My heart is thrilled with love for the noble woman who, fearing nothing, stood at her post of duty facing the world's enmity.

March 23, 1912

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