It is with a heart full of love and gratitude to God that I...

It is with a heart full of love and gratitude to God that I give this testimony telling what Christian Science has done for me. For fifteen years I had suffered from female trouble, nervousness, and a bowel disorder. With the birth of our only child, ten and a half years ago, came other troubles, and I was never well. I had treatment from several physicians, all to no avail, some of them saying that nothing but an operation would do me any good. For the past three years I suffered from my eyes and had almost constant headache. I wore glasses, but all the physicians failed to relieve me. Then came a distressing illness for which the medical fraternity has not discovered a cure. After consulting four local physicians, I applied to one of the leading specialists in the South, and all gave the same answer, "No cure, no hope." After weeks of intense suffering I came to the brink of the grave. It was then I heard through a friend of Christian Science and as a last resort and with a ray of hope I applied to a practitioner for help. Physicians said I could not live without medicine, but I felt God's guiding hand and turned a deaf ear to all they said.

I shall never forget the day when the practitioner came into my room like a great ray of sunshine. His visit was brief, but after he gave me treatment and left me, such a feeling of quiet, rest, and peace came over me as I had never known. From that moment I began to improve, and after eating a hearty supper I slept all night without once waking, something I had not done for months, and this, too, without quieting medicine. When I awoke next morning I felt like a new woman. Through the kind efforts of the practitioner I steadily improved; one by one my troubles disappeared, and I am now well and feel better than I have in years.

Testimony of Healing
Over four years ago I was healed of weak eyesight,...
March 23, 1912

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