While Mrs. Eddy teaches that God is not person in a...


While Mrs. Eddy teaches that God is not person in a limited or anthropomorphic sense, she declares that God is Person in the infinite sense: that He is the all-wise heavenly Father. The term "Principle" as used in Christian Science has a higher meaning than in the ordinary use. It refers to the one infinite Mind, which is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the author and finisher of all things.

Christian Science agrees with the Scriptural teaching that all that God made was "very good," and that the man of God's creation is in His own image and likeness; that Mind, Spirit, God, is the real substance and cause of the universe; that everything in creation is real, from the least to the greatest, but that, in accordance with the generally accepted truism that "like begets like," it is spiritual and hence not material. It is not the world which is to be destroyed, but the false human sense thereof; then the new heavens and the new earth will appear. When the false material sense is no longer in evidence, everything will be seen as it is, in all its beauty and spirituality.

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