For many months I have longed to express to the field...

For many months I have longed to express to the field at large my heartfelt gratitude for the multifarious blessings that have come to me as evidence of the power and efficacy of divine Love, hoping that my experience in the destroying of various phases of error, by Truth,—as taught by our honored Leader, Mrs. Eddy,—might afford some inquiring though doubtful seekers after Truth encouragement and assist them to get a glimpse of the "light that never fails." For several years prior to taking up the study of Christian Science, I was a great sufferer, to sense, with hay-fever. I had tried many "sure cures" in materia medica, the last one being when I employed a famous specialist in Chicago. I gave myself up entirely to his treatments, believing implicitly in them, though I did object to cauterization; but as this seemed necessary, I consented.

This painful and nauseating operation brought on head and nasal conditions that were almost unbearable, and at times it seemed as though I would lose my mental balance. I was on the verge of nervous collapse, and finally could not eat anything without the greatest pain and distress. I was losing flesh, and was also struggling with fear relative to my heart, which seemed to be very weak. The intense suffering from this thought would be difficult to express in words, but thanks to many interested friends, who realized somewhat my condition and were desirous of seeing me well and happy again, Christian Science was recommended, thereby offering a means of absolute cure for all my ailments, mental and physical.

Testimony of Healing
Truly God is an ever-present help in time of trouble
March 16, 1912

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