Shortly after I became interested in Christian Science,...

Shortly after I became interested in Christian Science, some eight or nine years ago, our little son was obliged to remain out of school for a couple of weeks on account of a condition which caused him trouble in his stomach and head. It did not occur to me that it was so very serious, until a doctor informed me that he could only temporarily help the child; that it was but a question of a few days when he would be absolutely deaf for the remainder of his life; that the hearing had gone entirely from one ear, and that it would leave the other within a few days. Upon hearing this heartrending verdict pronounced upon our boy, I determined to see if Christian Science could not overcome what the doctor confessed was quite beyond medical skill to accomplish.

At the advice of a Christian Scientist in Eugene, I called up a Christian Science practitioner in Salem by telephone, and asked her to treat our boy for deafness. When I returned to our room, I found the boy asleep on the bed. In about half an hour he awoke, and at once sat up in bed, and declared, "Mamma, I am well," and asked for something to eat, saying he was hungry. I at once cooked him some food for which he had expressed a wish, and he ate a hearty meal. That was the end of the entire trouble; the boy was healed. There has never been the slightest return of the disease, and today he is a big fellow, seventeen years old, perfectly robust and healthy.

Testimony of Healing
Four and a half years ago I turned to Christian Science...
March 16, 1912

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