Until such time as humanity understands more of the eternality of Truth, Life, and Love, its belief in a "future" had best be utilized for the expectation of good, rather than spent in dread of what that unknown future may bring and take away. We read in the Bible of those who "through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage," and we all know of individuals whose present enjoyment is quite eclipsed by fear of loss in the future.

Times without number, it has been found that the ministry of Christian Science not only effaces the discords of the past and relieves the fears of the immediate present, but that it also sets one's mind at rest regarding the future. Instead of brooding over the possible loss of health, funds, and necessary faculties, the Christian Scientist, understanding that the creator is responsible for what He has created, looks upon time as an opportunity to discover more of the treasures of divine Mind, whose storehouse is open for those who confide their destiny to Mind and not matter. In divine Mind is found the supply of all things needful, and in reality there is neither prime nor decay, neither youth nor old age. So far from fearing the future, one looks forward with joy to a greater and ever greater perception of divine truths, and to a proportionately greater emancipation from the discords and limitations of material sense. If a single fear about the future seeks to intrude itself, this fear should be not only denied, but reversed, on the understanding that time is an opportunity for gain not loss, and that the law of progress governs our twofold efforts at overcoming evil and gaining good.

December 14, 1912

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