It is with a feeling of deep thankfulness to God that I...

It is with a feeling of deep thankfulness to God that I give my testimony as to the benefits I have received as a student of Christian Science. I was brought up in the established church of England, and from my girlhood, when I first began to try to understand the problems of religion as it was presented to me by preachers and teachers, I always had the feeling that there was something lacking. My childish questionings were either given the usual evasive replies, or else I was told that these matters were mysteries far beyond the comprehension of learned and good men, and that it was useless for a child to attempt to fathom them. Thus it was that on attaining womanhood my thoughts inclined strongly toward agnosticism, and when cases of sickness, bereavement, or accident came into review, which others ascribed to the act of God, and declared that it was our duty as His children to submit to such acts as a proof of His fatherly attitude toward us, my whole being used to rise in revolt at the thought that a just and loving God should be the cause of such sorrow, distress, and misery.

About two and a half years ago I came to hear of Christian Science, and on inquiring into it I found that certain points which had hitherto been beyond my comprehension were no longer mysteries. I was induced to delve deeper into it, with the result that all my doubts were removed and I was able to affirm to myself that Christian Science undoubtedly supplied the long-felt want of heart-yearning and heart-longing humanity, and that in my own case it had given sight to the blind.

Testimony of Healing
I desire to acknowledge the many blessings I have received...
December 14, 1912

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