When mankind realizes that all its needs are primarily mental, it will no longer offer any opposition to the metaphysical teaching of Christian Science. The physical senses do indeed seem to witness to the reality of matter, but this evidence is circumscribed by its own nature, and material sense is incompetent to testify concerning the essential nature of men and things. What is it that is competent ot do this? Spiritual understanding only can testify to the real and the true, because it is born of God and its testimony bears the imprint of authenticity. God is Spirit, and His creation, man and the universe, must partake of His nature, must also be spiritual; then to know God, His universe, and His man, must in reality be a spiritual or mental process.

To understand God's law necessitates metaphysical action, and to do this is to neutralize and annihilate any laws supposed to antagonize His reign of peace and plenty. To understand His law means to put in practise that which is better than any physical hygiene or sanitation, to have at hand an infallible medicine, to rejoice in protection from disaster, to extract the sting of fear from every moment of test and emergency, and to recognize that there is no blind law of destruction which is capable of engulfing our right desires in a tidal wave of onrushing, resistless fury.

December 14, 1912

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