Christian Scientists, especially those who have been closely...

Boston (Mass.) Times

Christian Scientists, especially those who have been closely associated with Mrs. Eddy, will miss her every-day counsel and guidance. Her going is indeed a matter of great moment to them, but the understanding of Truth which she had taught and demonstrated while with them has prepared them for the deprivations which are occasioned by her absence. She has left a well-defined course for her students. She has formulated her ideas into a text-book. She has recorded her experiences, outlined the proper application of Christian Science in every department of practical life, established a church with rules and regulations compatible with Christian Science, and therefore it may be said that Christian Science has been sufficiently taught and only remains to be demonstrated. Mrs. Eddy has clearly marked the way in Christian Science, and has therefore finished her work so far as this life is concerned. For this, Christian Scientists are truly grateful, and they will strive with greater earnestness and sincerity to follow the Christ-example which she in her teaching has illumined and made more practical.

The future of Christian Science depends upon the faithfulness of Christian Scientists. If Christian Scientists conduct themselves with unselfish devotion to the ideal which has been so faithfully taught and demonstrated by their Leader, the rapid progress of their movement will continue. The world at large has become used to Christian Science and understands it better than in former years. Its sweeping declarations of spiritual truth no longer startle, and intolerance has largely ceased. Christian Science has been in vogue for more than thirty-five years, during which time it has harmed nobody, but, on the contrary, has done much good. It has made the bad good and the good better. It deprives no one of any right and useful accomplishment or possession, but greatly improves the value and usefulness of everything. Even critics, almost to a man, mention virtues which Mrs. Eddy has revived or emphasized, and it is only a question of time when these same critics will enthusiastically endorse all that Christian Science teaches: for this Science is consistent, and the fact that any individual is now prepared to accept any one item in its teaching points unmistakably to the final acceptance of its entire teaching.

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