A point which Mrs. Eddy makes clear throughout all her writings is that evil cannot be treated or dealt with as a person. Since evil is not something which can be grasped with the hand or seen with the eye, it obviously cannot be overcome upon any material or personal basis. Christian Science offers the only practical solution for this problem, on the ground that evil exists only as the belief that there is an opposite reality to good, which would create man in God's unlikeness.

Christian Science designates this a false belief because, since God is acknowledged to be supreme, omnipotent, and omnipresent, there could be no opposite power or existence except in a suppositional sense. This belief is not and never was a person, any more than the belief that the earth is flat was ever a person. This supposition or belief did not originate with Adam, any more than it can be said to originate with mortals of the present day. It is shown to be no part of any individual, for as it disappears before the growing recognition of good, the person in the case feels himself becoming not less but more of a man in consequence. The position of Christian Science is sustained by the demonstrable fact that evil influences cease in the ratio that one yields to the government of good, and this leads to the inevitable conclusion that evil could have no power whatever over one whose consciousness is wholly filled with good.

November 25, 1911

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