Christian Science teaches us to deny evil, whenever and wherever we see it; and when evil is met and overcome in each individual consciousness, the whole world will be benefited thereby. In working out his life-problem along the lines of active right thinking, it becomes necessary for each individual to be awake to the fact that now is the time to overcome all evil with good. Now is the time to heal the sick; not to stand inactive, longing for a better time or a more convenient place. With Jesus, Mrs. Eddy tells us, "a fishing-boat became a sanctuary, and ... the grove became his class-room, and nature's haunts were the Messiah's university" (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 91). This thought enabled a Christian Scientist recently to give a cup of cold water in Christ's name to some who were needy.

One morning while she was out driving on a country road, a man called out from a wagon she was passing and asked her to stop. To jump from the wagon and reach her carriage was the work of a moment; and in a very timid yet grateful manner he said, "Perhaps you do not remember me, but I want to thank you for the good you did for me two years ago. Don't you recollect I came to the hotel, and told you that I was very sick? You prayed quietly and then told me to go and look up for my healing. Well, I was healed! And from that day to this I have been a well man. My mother, my wife, and our little baby are in the wagon. They are all sick, and I am bringing them to you now." "Now"! Instantly she realized the wonderful significance of that word "now"! If Jesus healed by the wayside two thousand years ago, the same deathless, living, triumphant Christ could heal by the wayside "now."

November 25, 1911

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