The wise man said: "The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue from the Lord." This points to the recognized guidance of the one Mind, and shows the need of alert responsiveness on the human side. Even in our earthly relationships there is little real interest between those whose tastes and habits are wholly different, though they may be related by ties of kindred; but just here it may be remarked that there is nothing which so tends to draw people together as love of the truth. In the presence of this vital consideration culture and learning take second place, and spiritual understanding is given the priority which is ever its due. On the other hand, after we have awakened to the truth of being, we become aware of a "great gulf" which separates us from those who still hold that man is material, with a doubtful chance of becoming spiritual after death. Though we may talk across the gulf, as did Abraham and Dives, we do not really commune, and never can until the chasm is bridged by the understanding of divine Love.

We are all conscious at time that it is difficult to correspond with those who have no great interest in common with us; we do not answer their letters at once as we do those of the friends whose interests are identical with our own, and this may serve to illustrate our relations with the all-Father, God. How often do we hear the sorrowful plaint that prayer is unanswered, importunity apparently denied audience on the divine side, while the petitioner vainly struggles to content himself with the suppositon God has a good reason for ignoring the request, or at least for delaying its answer. Some one has said that many are made atheists because they ask for that which God cannot bestow, but a Christian Scientist would hardly agree to this, for our text-book tells us that the infinite cannot "do less than bestow all good;" also that "to all mankind and in every hour, divine Love supplies all good" (Science and Health, pp. 2, 494). There is "no good thing" that God is not ready to bestow. but responsive to the divine nature is needed on our part, —a recognition of the fact that as His children we have a kindred nature, with pure motives and affections,—for not otherwise can we truly draw near to God, commune with infinite Love and wisdom, and gain an early answer to our prayer whatever be our need.

October 21, 1911

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