Hoping that my experience may through the power of...

Hoping that my experience may through the power of divine Love lead some other weary wanderer to know the truth that has been of such inestimable value to me, I give this testimony to some of the many blessings which have been mine since coming into Christian Science about four years ago. While never a confirmed invalid, yet for many long years I suffered from stomach trouble, melancholy, and nervousness, so much so that I often wished that He whom I was taught to believe was a God of love would take me to Himself.

In 1892 a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was loaned me. I did not, however, study it, but simply gave it a cursory perusal; therefore I did not derive from it the benefit that I should have. I had before this very little faith in drugs as a remedy for my ills, and the reading of Science and Health destroyed that little. I had also lost the simple trust in the God of my childhood. I believed that there must be a first cause or creator; that He must be the author of good and evil, and therefore not a God of love, and from a human standpoint not a God of intelligence. I was so sure of my own conclusions that I ridiculed the idea of ever again putting my trust in such a creator.

Testimony of Healing
Through a dear friend I heard of Christian Science about...
October 21, 1911

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