Like many others, I came to Christian Science for help...

Like many others, I came to Christian Science for help when all else had failed. I had what doctors called stomach and liver trouble, and had become a wreck both mentally and physically. Words utterly fail to express my condition at that time, but I struggled on, trusting God, who I thought had willed this condition for me. But, thanks to His holy name! I was about to reach the turning-point in my experience, and this is how it came about. One day, while in a desperate state, I was persuaded to go out for a while, and as I was standing on a neighboring street, almost unconscious, as it seemed, of any of the surroundings, a little paper fluttered to my feet. I stooped to pick it up, and found on the margin the words, Christian Science Sentinel. Somehow I had a great desire to read that little leaf, but when I was ready to return home it was missing, and I did not know one thing of its teaching; but I kept thinking about it, and next morning, as I went for a walk (as this was the wish of my physician), going by the same place the little leaf came fluttering to my feet again. I took it home and began to read ; and found that it spoke of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," which I sent for immediately, and also sent to Kansas City for help. My request was responded to at once, and after a time I began to improve. I kept clinging to God as my only refuge, and as my understanding of God changed, my body reflected the truth. Today, after more than two years since I began the study of Science and Health, I rejoice with joy unspeakable for what I have learned in Christian Science.

I rejoice more for what I have learned of God and man's relation to Him than for the physical healing; but it is such a blessed thing to know that where one is the other is sure to be. I know that to know God aright is Life eternal, and I do sincerely thank Him for Christian Science and for Mrs. Eddy, who was found pure enough to lead such a host out of Egyptian bondage into the freedom of the children of God. I am striving as best I know to live Christian Science. I study the Lesson-Sermon every day, and I also take the Sentinel, for it is to me a messenger of light.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the healing of an...
October 21, 1911

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