Christian Science has been steadily and surely gaining...

Newmarket (Ont.) Express-Herald

Christian Science has been steadily and surely gaining a higher place in the estimation of the public, as evidenced by the increasing number of persons daily coming to it for help and comfort. Had it done nothing more than the critic gives it credit for, it deserves the gratitude of mankind. It is, therefore, not surprising that it should meet with some opposition from the established systems of religion and medicine form which it differs so radically, for every pioneer in the great movements of the world has been met with the same opposition. Even the apostle Paul was called "a pestilent fellow" because he taught something different from the prevailing systems of his time. Christian Science is proving by actual demonstration, by doing the "works" which Jesus demanded as evidence of an understanding of his teachings, that it is the greatest blessing which has come to the world since the days of our Master.

Critics used to say that Christian Science did not heal anything, but they have long since had to retreat from that position. Now they say that Christian Science does heal some things, but that it cannot heal organic disease. There is, however, such a mass of evidence to show that it has healed many hundreds of such cases, that it is somewhat late in the day to deny the fact. The Christian Science Journal and the Sentinel contain in each issue several pages of testimonials of healing, many of them of pronounced organic disease. I would also refer any inquirers to the book entitled "Christian Science as a Religious Belief and a Therapeutic Agent," by B. O. Flower, formerly editor of the Arena and now editor? of the Twentieth Century Magazine, who is recognized as one of the foremost writers and most careful investigators in America, of all subjects dealing with human progress and achievement. Mr. Flower is not a Christian Scientist, but his investigations were very thorough and impartial, and the results very convincing. He cites a number of remarkable cases of healing of organic disease, including tuberculosis, cancer, and other things equally as bad, all in advanced stages and, according to medical testimony, hopeless. The cases are vouched for by reputable medical men, and supported by sworn statements of eye-witnesses.

October 21, 1911

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