The universe is far more real to a Christian Scientist...


The universe is far more real to a Christian Scientist than to a materialist, as all who have turned to this truth will testify. The statement by our friend that it is through the law of suggestion that the healing of disease is accomplished in Christian Science practice, does not make it true, for all who have any knowledge on this subject know that it is through the application of the law of God. The So-called law of suggestion has been used in many instances, as in mesmerism and hypnotism, but its effects have never been to cause regeneration mentally, morally, and spiritually, as is the case in the Christian Science healing. Many times those who have been to hypnotists for healing have finally turned to Christian Science for relief, and been blessed. Mrs. Eddy says in "Science and Health with Keyto the Scriptures," on page 186: "Erring human mind-forces can work only evil under whatever name or pretense they are employed; for Spirit and matter, good and evil, light and darkness, cannot mingle."

We are glad that our critic recognizes the fact that this truth is beginning to be felt universally, among the learned as well as among the so-called ignorant, and if all "epidemics" were as beneficial as this, the brotherhood of man would soon be established. If the many cases of healing were the only "fruits" of the Christian Science doctrine, then our critic's remarks would be more to the point; but the healing is only a small part of the fruits, and any system that can show improved and happier lives, as well as better moral and spiritual conditions, cannot lightly be tossed aside by the ridicule of those who "know not what they do."

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