I have received so many benefits that in giving my...

I have received so many benefits that in giving my testimony I hardly know where to begin. What brought me into the actual study of Christian Science was an experience that I had about six years ago. I was operated upon in a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., for appendicitis, with serious complications. I remained in the hospital eight weeks, and after leaving there it seemed necessary for me to go to the doctor's office every day to have the wound attended to. The physician told my parents that I would never be able to go back to my work, which was on the stage; that I would be an invalid. I became discouraged at this time, and thought of a Christian Science practitioner whom I had known all my life. I discontinued my visits to the physician, and instead went to the practitioner daily for two weeks, and at the end of this time I was completely healed. While I was under treatment my mother came into the room one day and found me reading a large family Bible, which I had never been accustomed to open except to look at the pictures. She thought that I had suddenly gone crazy, and when I told her that I was taking Christian Science treatment, she became quite excited; but she is now very grateful for my healing and for all the blessings it has brought to me.

In September, a few weeks after I was healed, I was back in New York at work, and have never had any bad effects from so doing, although many predicted otherwise. I met with a severe sprain in the fall of 1909, but with some help from a Christian Science practitioner I never missed a day from my work. The following winter I traveled from New York to California, and although I had severe attacks of cold yet I sang at every performance. In Colorado, where the altitude is high, theatrical managers have been known to ring down the curtain, as many of the performers seem to become faint. I, however, wired for a week's treatment, and never sang better and had no discomfort from the altitude. In different places I would always inquire if they had Christian Science Services, and was glad to find through the West and middle West that Science is everywhere. In my travels I have met some wonderful Scientists.

Testimony of Healing
Hoping that my experience may through the power of...
October 21, 1911

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